Hair Care

Hair Care for Your Wedding Day

Nicki has been in the hairdressing industry for 15 years and has been specializing in weddings for 9 years. As you’ll know making changes to your colour or growing your hair can be a testing time; Nicki has prepared a guide to making sure your hair is looking fab for your big day.


It’s great to still have you hair style looking good while you are growing it and maintaining your original style.Discuss your needs and requirements to help manage this with regular trims and treatments. You should still be able to have a fab hair style but still gain length.

Changing colour, trying to grow your hair or just sorting out any problems using the right shampoos and conditioners and specialty treatments is a great way to replenish and nourish your hair especially after chemical services.


Wanting to try something different with your colour, or go back to natural? The best time to do this is earlier rather then later! Find some pictures of what you are wanting and have a consultation with a colourist to discuss the process. Going from dark to blonde can be quite damaging to your hairs internal structure. Regular treatments in a salon and take homes is a must.

Healthier hair is much easier to work with and looks good to, so it is important to have a professional haircare regime.


Bring pictures of styles you like. Pictures are great to show what you mean rather than trying to explain it!

If you are having a veil or hair accessories, bring them along so the stylist can have a play with different positions to give you some other ideas and looks. It’s a great idea to have a dress fitting after your trial so you can get an overall idea of how everything looks together.

If you don’t have any of your hair accessories or aren’t sure whether you want any, then ask previous brides who are married to borrow theirs. This can help you decide what you may like if you have no idea or aren’t sure.

Bring along your bridesmaids or a friend to give some opinion or advice on minor details you may have problems deciding on. It’s great to meet the bridesmaids and have a chat about the requirements you or your wedding party may have.

On Your Wedding Day

Wear a button up shirt or a top that slips off easy so you don’t mess up your hair taking it off! Wash your hair the morning or night before so it isn’t too soft to do anything with.

If you normally straighten your hair do so the day before hand. If you are having a blow-wave, wash your hair that morning and the stylist can spray it down when ready to do your blow-wave.